Buying wholesale fashion clothing can be a strenuous task if you don’t know where to start. This step-by-step guide is everything you need to know when buying wholesale fashion clothing so you don’t miss any important steps. Covering how and what to look out for when purchasing from fashion clothing wholesalers. This narrows down to the fine details of recognizing product quality to understanding the pricing, legal requirements, as well as the shipping and handling process of each wholesaler. Remember that buying wholesale fashion clothing begins when catering to your customers individual tastes and your unique brand in mind.



What is wholesale and how does it work?

Wholesale refers to two possible business models. A business may buy clothing in large quantities directly from manufacturers, warehouse them, and resell them. Secondly, wholesale may refer to businesses that produce their own clothing and sell them directly to retailers, who then sell it to the end user. Fashion clothing suppliers source trending fashion to make sure that they can supply the most up-to-date clothing to retailers. 

There are many benefits to buying wholesale fashion clothing, but most importantly is that it is cost effective for your business. When you order regularly from the same wholesaler or in large volumes you may be eligible for discounts from that wholesaler. This means that you can get products for less while selling them for more. Depending on how much you invest initially you can get ahead of competitors through buying and selling in sheer volume.

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What does it mean to buy wholesale?

Working with a wholesale company allows you to mark your prices higher than buying fashion clothing through other avenues. Wholesalers price the clothing and set bulk pricing deals for retailers, who shop the wholesaler’s product lines online or in person. Retailers can then sell it 4 to 6 times higher through retail mark-up, earning a huge profit.

At Naked Zebra Wholesale we have our own factories that ensures all the sampling, sewing, and production is done to the highest standards. Because of this unique system, we can produce the finest quality of clothing at an affordable market price.

What do you need to start buying wholesale fashion clothing?

First thing first is to fulfill your legal requirements. This includes any required licenses and permits you'll need to operate as a business. Every country and state may have different licenses and permits so be sure to research all the legal requirements in your area.



Where to Buy Wholesale

With all that in mind and once you have fulfilled your legal requirements, you can now proceed with researching what kind of brands you want to source. This Boutique Hub blog post mentions a great point, when you begin buying wholesale fashion clothing you need to bring in the right brands and build the right level of trust with your customers. 

Bringing in cheap brands, pricing your pieces just above wholesale, or not building enough margin will only hurt your business. Your prices can always go down, but you won’t be able to raise them back up.

At Naked Zebra Wholesale we aim to design the highest quality pieces made from custom-produced fabrics at an affordable price. Additionally, during production we approve each fabric piece and inspect every stitch and seam on multiple occasions to ensure our customers get the best quality of fashion clothing sent to their doorstep.

Having this kind of transparency from the fashion wholesaler will build trust between you and your customers as they know you will only offer the best quality garments. 

How to Buy Wholesale

Buying wholesale fashion clothing is simple with Naked Zebra Wholesale. Unlike other wholesalers, our online registration process takes only a few seconds of your time. It’s as easy as filling out your name, company, email, and uploading both your ID and seller's permit. Once completed, you can be approved to start buying high quality pieces in less than one hour.

Feel free to drop in at one of our showrooms, located in the heart of the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles! At Naked Zebra Wholesale we produce everything from flattering blouses and trendy dresses, to must-have skirts and chic rompers which are available in a plethora of colors.

Shipping Costs

Once you have decided the right fashion clothing wholesaler for your company, you will need to know the breakdown of costs. This includes the cost of the clothing plus shipping and handling. Whether you are a small boutique owner or larger brand, Naked Zebra Wholesale makes this normally tedious process, smooth and straightforward. 

When you buy from Naked Zebra Wholesale, shipping is calculated upfront at checkout for your convenience. You can read more about our shipping and returns policy here

Naked Zebra Wholesale offers responsive in-house customer support. Our customer support is here to help you resolve any issues with your orders. You can call, email, or fill out our form making it easy to settle any problems you may encounter quickly and efficiently. 


Nevertheless, buying wholesale fashion clothing comes down to knowing your own unique brand and customers and choosing the best wholesaler that fits your needs. Building a relationship with your fashion clothing wholesaler strengthens your customers' trust with your brand. With the right wholesaler the process of buying wholesale fashion clothing can be nearly effortless.