Pre-Order Policy

What is pre-order?

Pre-order means purchases made of new arrivals that are currently not in stock but are scheduled to be shipped at future dates. It is to secure your items without risking them to sell out after they are live online. Expected arrival dates will be included in the descriptions but are NOT guaranteed. Please note that delays may occur, mainly due to the production system- triple checking on damages/fits to provide the best service possible. We will do our best to update with any changes on the descriptions.


In-stock items will ship out immediately after the order is processed. Pre-order items will ship out as soon as our warehouse receives them.

Pre-order items will return to original price once the item has arrived. No promos or additional discounts will apply to pre-order items at any time.

Please remember that the ETA and shipping costs are only an estimate; pre-order items may arrive earlier or in rare cases later than the prescribed date. Once the item has arrived, we will add any additional shipping costs and ship out the items. At any time, you may notify us to add to the order with existing inventory stock or pre-order items arriving on the same date to consolidate shipping. 


Pre-orders CANNOT be cancelled/refunded once placed. However, if you wish to exchange the item to another pack in the pre-order collection, you may do so. For more information, please read our return policy or email us at or call (213) 749-8004.

Customer is responsible for the price difference; if exchanging to a cheaper pack, we will remit the balance in the form of store credit. 

Due to unexpected occurrence(s), there may be delays in shipments or even cancellation of the style due to manufacture defect. While we strive to avoid any of anomalies, we cannot say this will not happen. If such occurrence(s) happen, we will issue a full refund within 5 business days.

Combined Orders

We suggest that when ordering regular items with pre-order items, placing orders separately will ensure a more accurate and faster processing.

Payments Methods

All payments made for pre-orders will be charged up front. This is to ensure that the quantities are met with the demand.

For questions unanswered, please email us at 
or call us (213) 749-8004